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Full Car Detail in San Diego: What To Expect

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

A simple Google search for automotive detailing services in San Diego can leave you with more questions than answers. We’ll walk you through what a full-service car detail is and what to expect.

Your car is one of your most prized possessions, so of course you want it to look shiny and new. A full car detail is a necessary investment for every car owner. Regular details will protect the exterior of your vehicle from paint damage and keep the interior clean and fresh.

But how much does this type of service cost? And what should I expect at my appointment? Well, we’ve got answers!

What’s in this article?

What Is A Full Car Detail?

A full car detail is a service that cleans and restores the exterior of your vehicle. Keep in mind that a simple car wash (you know, the kind done by a kid in your neighborhood) is not the same as a full car detail!

Exterior Car Detail

A professional car detailer will wash and dry the exterior of your car by hand with a microfiber towel. They will work gently to remove dirt and grime. They may also use a clay bar to remove impurities, overspray, and other residues that aren’t easily removed with simple detergents. The original polish is restored, and the exterior is sealed to give your car that sparkly, glossy finish.

And don’t forget the wheel wells! Brake dust can build up inside your rims, which can become corrosive. Most professional car detailing will clean your wheels and dress your tires.

Interior Car Detail

A full car detail also includes the interior of your car. Your detailer will wipe down all the hard surfaces inside your car, like the door jambs, door panels, and the center console. Plus, a professional car detailer will vacuum into tiny crevices that a standard car vacuum can’t reach. They add freshener so your interior will smell great, and your windows will be so clean you’ll think they’re open!

How Long Does A Full Car Detail Take?

The time it takes for a full car detail depends on several different factors.

One factor is the size of your car. A full detail for a small sedan might take around two hours, while one on an SUV might take three or four. Do you drive a luxury car? High-end vehicles can take longer too.

Another factor is how dirty and neglected the exterior of your vehicle is when you bring it in. A well-maintained car will take less time than one that hasn’t been washed in a few months.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Full Car Detail In San Diego?

The average cost in San Diego depends on the size of your vehicle, the condition it’s currently in, and what services your car needs. Upgrades and extras can also increase the cost, and every car detailer's prices are different.

Some auto detailers even offer a monthly touch-up plan. A monthly plan is a great investment because you can schedule your wash in advance (save time!) and sometimes these plans offer a discount for returning (save money!).

And remember when we said an often detailed car is easier to clean? Your detailer will appreciate that too!

Is It Worth The Money?

For most drivers, a full car detail might seem like a luxury treatment that only high-end car owners invest in. Daily drivers often ask themselves, “is it worth it to pay to get my car detailed?” The answer is yes! A full car detail for your vehicle is worth every penny and comes with many benefits.

Emotional Value

There is no doubt that a clean car can boost your confidence and make you feel a sense of pride. Additionally, if you have a long commute every day, driving a clean car will ease the burden. Your commute won’t be as bad if you aren’t plagued by a coffee stain in your seats from 3 months ago, or if you can change gears without your fingers sticking to the shifter.

Resale Value

A well-maintained car is sure to get top dollar for a trade-in or private sale. A monthly car detail will prevent stains from setting into the seats. Plus, the paint won’t fade as easily because of the added protection.

How Often Should You Get A Full Car Detail?

There is no correct way to answer this question because how often you get your car detailed is up to you! How much do you drive? Do you park on a busy street or in a garage? Is your car often covered in bird droppings or tree sap? Consider the answer to these questions when you decide how often to detail your car.

Plus, it will depend on the type of person you are! If you don’t mind water spots, swirl marks, or a few scratches, you can extend the amount of time between washes. But, the added benefits of a monthly full car detail will decrease the longer you wait.

We recommend that you get your car detailed at least every 4-6 months, with monthly maintenance once a month.

Contact Us For Your San Diego Car Detailing Needs

From the interior of your car to the outside frame, we are ready to make sure that every inch of your vehicle has that like-new look.

The next time you need an inexpensive detail service in San Diego call us — we offer a monthly maintenance plan that will keep your car in top shape every day of the year.


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