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Passion Driven Automotive

San Diego, CA 92111

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Give Us a Call: (951) 642-2552

If you’re in need of car detailing in San Diego, CA, we can help! Our mobile service allows you to book an appointment around your schedule because we come to you. 


Check out a few of our services and then give us a call or schedule an appointment. 


  • Minor Exterior Reconditioning Detail

  • Exterior Reconditioning

  • Interior Detail

  • Interior Detail Plus

  • Exterior Enhancement

  • Paint Correction

  • IGL Quartz Ceramic Coating (2 years)

  • IGL+ Quartz Ceramic Coating (3 years)

  • Interior Ceramic Coating

Not sure which car detailing service works best for you? Don’t hesitate to reach out! We can come by and do a vehicle inspection to help you figure out your needs. 


If you're looking for high-quality car detailing with excellent customer service then book an appointment online or by phone today. Get ready to enjoy your newly detailed vehicle!

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